Food, glorious food!!

Last weekend i was at the Nidderdale Festival of Food, selling Swaledale Mutton as well as Dalesbred Hogget and Lamb from a friend’s farm in Bishopdale.  I had intended to take some pictures to post here…but was far to busy and forgot!

It was however a very good day, both enjoyable and rewarding.  I sold a good amount of meat, lots and lots of people loved the samples of Mutton I had to try and i talked to a very large number of people.

What is really nice is that several remembered me from last year and told me how much they had enjoyed the leg/shoulder/chops they bought then.  This is one of the best bits about getting out there and selling the meat direct; finding out how much people enjoy the mutton.

I also had lots and lots of people express an interest in attending a Sheep Handling course and others interested in getting a whole or half carcass at some point this winter.  There was also one very fortuitous meeting with someone who has passed on contacts in London that are already looking very promising indeed…more on that at some future date.

So, if you were at the food festival and came to talk to me, thank you for making it enjoyable for me and if you were not, you will have to try and get there next year.

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