Even busier!!

As i wrote in my last post, i knew it would be a busy few weeks.  Then i had confirmation that the second Nidderdale Food Festival is to be held on Saturday the 27th October in Pately Bridge.

I attended the first one last year, sold lots of mutton, talked to lots and lots of people and had a great time.  I am really looking forward to a repeat of last year, but it does mean even more work…

I need to order some new business cards, paper carrier bags and other sales paraphernalia.  I have booked two more wethers in at the abattoir and have booked the butcher to cut them up.  I will need a float of cash.  need to sort out my card reader.  So much to do, so little time!

Still, it will be a very good day i think, and there will be plenty to see and do:  https://www.nidderdale.co.uk/event/nidderdale-food-and-drink-wellbeing-festival/

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