Busy time imminent…

It is a bit of a lull before the storm as far as work goes.  There is little to do with the sheep this week and next, but after that:

  • Bring mutton wethers from the moor because mutton season fast approaches
  • Bring the ewes and lambs down from their moorland fields and separate them so the ewes can be flushed
  • Buy in fodder (hay) for the winter
  • Start building up the tups for their work
  • Sell excess ewe lambs for breeding stock
  • rebuild the walls in the in bye fields
  • Tidy everything up for the upcoming sheep handling courses

Luckily, the mild and damp weather means that the grass is still growing and so they won’t need much feeding yet.  It also means that the tups and ewes should be in very good condition for tupping meaning i should get a good crop of lambs next year and good deadweights for the muttons this year.

Deep breath whilst i can!

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