Starting again

What with one thing and another, i seemed to stop writing the blog posts for a while.  However, things are changing all of the time and so i intend to write at least a post a week from now on when i can.

Things are changing (for the better) here with the sheep.  There is an exciting new opportunity on the horizon that should give me access to more land and more sheep, there is the opportunity to publicise my sheep handling courses more widely and the sheep themselves have done well this year, despite the dry summer.

The autumn is also a busy time of year.  There are the sheep to gather from the moorland fields and no doubt a few will have strayed and i will have some of other peoples strays in with mine.  There are walls to repair and Tups to get ready.  I am not sure if i am selling any breeding Ewe lambs this year, but if i do, there will be that to sort out.

And then there will be the issue of winter feed.  The dry summer (following on from the wet one last year) means that hay is in short supply and expensive when you can find it.  I am hoping that i will be able to source some, because otherwise it could well be a long, hard winter…

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