The winter

It has been a while since the last post, but that is one of the wierd thing about writing a farming blog.  When there is a lot to do with the sheep and in the fields, there is a lot to write about and no time to write.  When things calm down, you have time to write but nothing to write about!

Anyway, it has been a very busy winter.  The weather has been pretty good.  We have had a few days with light snow, a few days with a hard frost, a bit of rain and some stormy days, but all in all not too bad at all.  Last years lambs went off to some winter grazing near Thirsk, so they are out of the way and nearly forgotten.  The mutton wethers have been a good size and have proved very popular, but more of that later.  The tup got on with it and served most of the ewes in the first cycle, even though his bad leg is still not 100%.  The ewes look healthy and in great shape considering it is January.  And so far, i have only lost one sickly lamb all winter.  That is not bad at all given the proclivity sheep have for dropping dead with no warning!

So in amongst all of the feeding, foot checking and so forth, i have been taking quite a few wethers to the abattoir.  This year I have had two new customers, one local and one definitely not.  The local one is just over the hills into Nidderdale and is called the Yorke Arms.  I am very proud to be supplying them with mutton because they have a Michelin Star and so produce seriously quality food!
Delivering here entails a drive across the moors, but the views are so stunning i don’t mind that at all.

The other customer is a very trendy east London restaurant/cafe called Ozone Coffee Roasters.  I have to courier the meat down to them, but they do some extremely good things with it as the following picture shows:

It does seem strange sometimes to think of Londoners wandering into a cafe there and eating mutton raised on the slopes of Penhill, but i suppose people eat New Zealand lamb so it should not be that strange.

That is all for now, but i will try and post more often this year!

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