Sheep Handling Courses

I must be a glutton for punishment, because not only is it the time of year when the Mutton carcasses start to become available (lots of news on that front for a later date!) but the start of Tupping is only about 3 weeks away so the ewes need to be flushed to get them in the best shape.  On top of all of this, i am continuing to run Sheep Handling courses.

What are these courses i hear you shout?  Of course you do!  Well, i have been running these sheep for ten years now and have had to learn everything from scratch.  And in my main job, i spend a lot of time teaching scientists.  So why not combine the sheep with the training element?

These courses ( are a full day, covering fields and fences, equipment, regulations and paperwork, sheep health, lambing and indeed just about anything you might need to know if you want to keep sheep, or even if you just want to find out about our wooly friends that provide such great meat!  The courses are run in quite an informal way, and prior trainees have said what a good day they had, and it also includes lunch at Berry’s Farm Shop!

At this busy time of year i will probably only have chance to run one course a month, and will add dates to the webpage regularly.  But, if you wanted to find out more, just get in contact and ask away!

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