Masham Sheep Fair 2016!

The Masham Sheep Fair was yesterday, and it turned out to be a really good day!

I will admit that i was somewhat concerned about how the Tups would behave.  They were not as tame as i would have liked them to be, and i had this recurrent nightmare that one or both would leap out of the pen and vanish over the horizon…

As it happened, they both behaved themselves almost perfectly.  One did decide to take advantage of my turned back and give me a bit or a prod with his horns, but that was that.  There was a minor bit of showing off to the nice looking ewes in the next pen, but what else can you expect from what are essentially hormonal teenagers!


The judging itself was not as successful as last year, with my two coming Second and Third, but my daughter managed to show one of them herself with no problems!  Possibly slightly disappointed (you always want to win) but that was not the main reason for going.


The main reason was to talk to people!  As anyone who knows me will tell you, i like to talk about things i like, and this was the perfect opportunity.  There were lots and lots of people there, and many of them admired Swinithwaite Bertrum and [Name to be decided]; their horns, their fleeces, their cute faces.  People were interested in the sheep themselves, my mutton, where i kept them and just about everything sheep related.  Some of the visitors were knowledgeable, and some knew nothing at all about sheep, but either way Florence and myself had a great day just talking to people.

And you can’t get better than that!

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